General Maintenance

The more time you invest in the general maintenance of your thatched roof property, the greater performance and longevity you will reap from your product in the long run. While insurance can protect you against many things, it is not a maintenance contract, so it’s important to be proactive with the upkeep measures you put in place


In relation to your thatched roof, your thatcher should be able to give you an approximate plan of the expected lifespans for each part of your roof and will be able to highlight areas such as valleys, eyebrow windows, and so on, that you need to keep a closer eye on. If you don’t currently have a thatcher, please refer to the
Find a Thatcher section of the website.

Although we can provide you with advice over the phone, a good thatcher is one of the most important sources of local knowledge and information, and because every thatched house and roof is unique, asking the thatcher to physically look at your roof is the best option.

Pre-Winter Checks

It is wise to take steps to guard against the problems that winter weather can cause.

  • In the build-up to the winter months, check drain gratings are clear so that water can run away.
  • Any exposed pipes should be insulated and therefore protected again the effects of frost
  • Loft Areas – Pipes and tanks should be insulated, but leave the space beneath your water tank free so that warm air can reach it.

General Tasks

Please be aware that more comprehensive information is available on the Safety Advice pages of this website.

  • Central heating systems should be regularly checked by an expert.
  • Smoke alarms should be checked weekly.
  • Electrical wiring should be ideally checked every 5 years – Check with your insurer.
  • If you have an open fire, make sure your chimney is swept regularly and at least twice a year. Having your chimney lined is a sensible precaution and a requirement of many insurance companies.
  • Check that you have the correct fire extinguishers and that they are in the correct location on the property. Also, be sure to find out when they need checking or servicing.

Leaving the Property

If you are leaving your home unoccupied for a few days or more, you should consider draining the hot and cold water system. If you have any doubts, contact a local plumber.

It is also a good idea, if you have a relative nearby or a trustworthy neighbour, to ask them to keep an eye on your property in your absence.

Insurance and Liability Notes

Always, if you are employing the services of a tradesman or woman, make sure they have their own Public Liability Policy which should cover any damage caused by possible negligence. It is likely that your own insurance policy will not cover you, so it is important to ask.

If you are concerned about any of the maintenance issues, it is always good practice to check with your insurance company's requirements first, and if you are still in doubt, you should contact them.

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