TAS-33 Thatch Alert

The Thatch Alert Chimney Monitor System has been specifically designed to monitor the temperature of the chimney brickwork at the point where it meets the thatch.

Product Description

The Thatch Alert Chimney Monitor System was designed to monitor the temperature of the chimney brickwork at the point where it meets the thatch.

The system acts as an early warning device to inform the home owner of potential high temperatures.

The Facts

For many years it was widely thought that the high temperatures generated from wood burners and multi-fuel stoves which transferred through the brickwork of the chimney to the thatch – known as Heat Transfer – was the major cause of thatch fires.

However, the comprehensive testing carried out by the Fire Protection Association (findings published in their Fires in Thatched Properties with Wood Burning Stoves report and available in Resources - Downloads) dismissed this theory.

The conclusion was that hot gasses are more likely to escape via the chimney pot rather than through the brickwork. Although heat transfer was dismissed as the major cause, if certain factors came into play, missing bricks, blocked or partially blocked flues, then gasses could pass through to the thatch but this is unlikely.

The installation of a flue liner, preferably a rigid insulated liner type will dramatically reduce the risk of heat transfer occurring in the first place.

TAS-33 Thatch Alert System

The Thatch Alert alarm system is made up of two thermocouple probes, a transmitter and a receiver. The two probes are securely attached to the chimney stack and plugged into the transmitter. The transmitter will then send a signal to the receiver which will display the temperature of both probes.

As with all homeowners that contact us, we first ask if they have a liner fitted and if so what type. If the answer is no or they are not sure, we suggest they speak with their chimney sweep and/or HETAS.

The Thatch Alert system is not a replacement or compromise for a poorly performing or faulty flue/chimney. The system is totally optional for any homeowner that is looking for extra piece of mind over and above a correctly lined chimney.

The Thatch Alert Chimney Heat Monitor System works very differently to other early warning devices, as it continues to monitor the temperature after the alarm has been triggered allowing the homeowner to carry on monitoring the temperature.

Once installed, in the event of high temperatures being recorded, the system will trigger an audible alarm, allowing the owner to take action.


  • Adjustable temperature setting – This allows our engineers to change the alarm activation temperature point, due to the varying types of chimney construction, size and liners fitted.
  • Other audible alerts – Thatch Alert also has built in functions to warn the homeowner of: low battery, transmission issues and detached probes.
  • Battery powered – Using smart energy saving technology, we have been able to power the Thatch Alert system using standard AA Alkaline batteries. This removes the need for homeowner to provide additional mains power supplies in the loft space. The batteries will last for a minimum of 12-months, with the homeowner getting a 2-month warning to replace the batteries.
  • Large display – The Thatch Alert receiver is fitted with a large and easy to read display that constantly shows the temperature of the chimney brickwork at the point that it meets the thatch
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