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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Thatch Fireboards, Membranes, Insulation and Fire Retardant Spray, our advice has proved invaluable to architects, builders, surveyors, thatchers and property owners for decades.

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This system drawing has been created to give you a visual overview of how our products can be used within your thatched property. You can click on the smaller images to access more detailed information, or click a link below:

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Expert Thatch
Guidance and Advice

Our website has been designed to give you detailed advice and guidance for all matters relating to thatch and comprehensive information regarding the provision of suitable fire barriers and systems for existing and new thatched roofs.

Although centuries old, thatching has seen many changes. Even in the last few years, we have seen a more comprehensive range of fire barriers, fire retardant sprays and other systems which can reduce the risks associated with thatch fires.

Whether you have an existing thatched property or you are looking at an extension or new build, you should find the information you need within the website. For more detailed support, please get in touch.


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