Fire Barriers & Retardants

Existing Thatch & Extensions

A conventional thatch fire barrier system installation can only be carried out if the thatch is being completely removed and therefore exposing the rafters. Although in most cases Building Control Requirements don’t need to be achieved, we still recommend using either our Thatch Firewall Membrane or Thatch Fireboard system.

Although our fireboard system can be used on an existing property, in most cases, due to the requirement for the provision of components such as a vapour check, we often find the Thatch Firewall Membrane System being selected. 

The Thatch Firewall Membrane System has the added advantage of being flexible, which can be essential on an existing roof that has old timbers that are not straight enough to accommodate the rigid fireboard type system.

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Thatch Fireboard System

The Thatch Fireboard System is normally the preferred choice for existing thatched roofs, due to its flexibility, providing the Dorset Model requirements have not been requested.

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Thatch Firewall Membrane System

The Firewall Membrane System can still be used on an existing building providing the rafters are straight and strong enough and consideration can be given the provision of a vapour check.

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Thatchsayf – Fire Retardant Spray

In addition to the fire barrier systems, the thatch can also be treated with Thatchsayf, a fire retardant spray. 

If a fire barrier system cannot be incorporated into the roof, e.g. if the building is listed, the thatch is highly unlikely to be stripped back right down to the roof timbers, then having the thatch treated with a product such as Thatchsayf is the only option left available.

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Thatch Alert System

Thatch Alert Chimney Monitor System has been specifically designed to monitor the temperature of the chimney brickwork at the point where it meets the thatch.

The system acts as an early warning device to inform the homeowner of potential high temperatures. Ideally needs to be installed at a time when some thatching works are being completed, although it is possible for a thatcher to remove a small section of thatch to enable the system to be installed.

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  • Certificate of Supply documents are available on request, additional information about the project may be required to enable these to be completed.
  • When selecting suitable products for your project please review the detailed information available in the system documents, to include taking into consideration other components that make up the complete roof system such as breathable membranes and vapour checks.
  • In addition to the required fire tests, each system has the relevant COSHH & MSDS statements and where required CE marking.
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