General Precautions

A few simple measures can be taken to minimise the risk of fire. Contact your local fire brigade as they often carry out a home visit safety check.

Fire Extinguishers/Blankets

It is recommended that suitable fire extinguishers are located throughout the property and a fire blanket should be available in the kitchen. All fire extinguishers and fire blankets must meet current British and EU standards.

Contact your local Fire and Rescue Service for advice on the most suitable fire extinguishers for your property.

Water Supplies

An outside tap with a hose long enough to reach around the house including the roof should be readily available. 

To assist the fire service in the event of a fire, it is advisable to identify the location of your local fire hydrants. Additionally, it is also useful to make a note of other possible water sources in the area such as ponds, swimming pools or streams.


Ensure that contractors do not carry out any ‘hot works’ on the property that could create sparks or heat near the thatch. For example, plumbing in the loft and roof voids or paint stripping.

Ensure that any tradespeople have the required qualifications and are registered with the relevant approval bodies. You should also check that they carry the required levels of insurance.

Bonfires / Fireworks /

Chinese Lanterns

It is not recommended to have bonfires. You should ensure that any neighbours who wish to do so understand the risks they pose to your thatched roof. The same applies to the use of fireworks and Chinese lanterns.

Loft Hatch

Good access to all roof voids is advisable for fire-lighting purposes. The optimum solution is a loft hatch with a recommended minimum size of 600mm x 900mm.

Sprinkler Systems

Advancements are being made with sprinkler systems and therefore consideration could be given to the installation of a system which may help to reduce the overall fire damage to a house in the event of a thatched fire. Further advice should be taken from a specialist provider as to the suitability depending on the property.

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