Electrical Safety

The information below offers general advice on electrical safety. Check for signs of loose wiring and faulty plugs or sockets, such as scorch marks or flickering lights.

Electrical Inspections

The electrical circuits should be inspected every five years by a qualified electrician in accordance with the latest regulations and ensure the electrician is a member of or recognised by an approved regulatory body.

Check with your insurance company on the length of time between inspections, because they can vary between five and ten years.

Recessed Downlights

Do not install recessed downlights on the ceiling directly below the thatch. If downlights are already installed, these should be removed and replaced with a more suitable light fitting.

Please note: Some manufacturers now offer a range of fire-rated light fittings. However, confirmation of suitability should be gained before considering the installation of these lights in your thatched property.

Lighting in Loft Space

Ensure all light fittings in the loft space are enclosed in a ‘bulkhead’ fitting. If possible, try to install fittings in a suitable location away from the thatch.

Wiring in Loft Space

Ensure the correct cables are used for electrical circuits in the loft space. All wiring should be enclosed in suitable trunking or conduit. Avoid running any cables including aerial cable through or close to the thatch. Contact your local electrician for further advice.

External Lighting

Security/halogen lighting can create a lot of heat, therefore do not install fittings of this nature close to the thatch or underneath the eaves or any overhangs. Suitable ‘bulkhead’ type fittings should be used, providing these can also be kept a safe distance from any part of the thatch.

Overhead Supply

If the supply to the property is overhead, check if it is insulated. If you are in any doubt contact your electricity supplier who will give further advice.

Overloading Sockets

Do not overload sockets and extension leads.


It is advisable to try and use an electrician that has previous experience of working with thatched properties. Your qualified electrician will be a good source of information and should be able to offer you further advice.

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