Dorset Model

LABC Registered Technical guide to planning requirements for thatched properties.

Thatch is enjoying a resurgence. Architects, builders and owners increasingly acknowledge the advantage of thatch insulation and its aesthetic qualities. Recognising this increasing popularity, the eight building control authorities throughout the county of Dorset reviewed current building controls for a thatched roof.

The Dorset Technical Committee carried out extensive research with the Fire authorities and all the Thatching services. The Dorset Technical Committee produced a Design Guide for thatchers and architects known as the Dorset Model. The Department of the Environment are currently reviewing it. Architects, builders and owners now have a definitive guide to explain the controls.

The result of these controls will:

  • Either protect the main structure of the building if a fire occurs
  • Or provide better protection for the roof members if a fire occurs
  • Require an acceptance to treat the thatch as sacrificial in a fire

Companies specialising in thatch roof insurance welcome the “Dorset Model” and recognise that it will reduce the premiums paid.

Please click to view the latest Dorset Model Document

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